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Order of Operations

di emodica Gen 1, 2018 #clil #mathematics
The order in which we complete a mathematical equation or expression is essential. Doing the steps of a problem out of order can lead to a totally different answer, even if you do the calculations correctly. So, for everyone to get the same answer, the order of operations was developed. You will be using these almost every day of your mathematical careers from now on.

All equations and expressions must be completed in the following order…


  • Parentheses – simplify everything inside the parentheses
  • Exponents – simplify any exponents
  • Multiplication & Division – multiply and divide from left to right
  • Addition & Subtraction – add and subtract from left to right

PEMDAS will be your friend for life. If you have trouble remembering your new BFF’s name, try out this memory trick… “Please Excuse MDear Aunt Sally”.

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By emodica

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